Linda B.

I moved to Safe Harbor in 2012. I am retired and on fixed income. When I first moved to Safe Harbor, I was afraid I made a terrible mistake. It was such a terrible place, but now I love it here. Virginia and Darryl turned Safe Harbor around almost overnight. People are out walking around. Children are out playing. There are flowerbeds in the yards, and it’s clean. I can’t thank Virginia, Darryl and the Board of Directors enough. They care about us.  They saved us. They made Safe Harbor my home.

Alanna w.

Safe Harbor is a great place to live. It’s quiet and very affordable. The staff is very responsive to maintenance issues. Darryl and Virginia are professional and very friendly.

Stephen M.

I love living in Safe Harbor. I work shift work, so the quiet is very important to me. The staff is nice and if something is broken, they fix it in a reasonable amount of time.

Michelle B.

My three years at Safe Harbor were amazing. My children and I lived here and it truly was a place where I could lay my head down at night and feel safe for myself and my children. From the amazing staff to the amazing policeman who patrolled the neighborhood. If there was anything you needed, they made sure to meet that need. A nice, safe community where my children could walk to their bus stop. Where they could play at the park and where we could ride bikes as a family. I’ll forever cherish my time that I lived in this wonderful neighborhood. To the staff of Safe Harbor I can’t say this enough of how much of a blessing you were to me and my family. I truly enjoyed my time here at Safe Harbor.


My son and I moved to Safe Harbor in early 2015 and we love it! The staff is great and friendly, the residents are nice and quiet, and I feel very safe with all the police officers that also reside in the community.

Kay R.

I just love it here. It is quiet, the people are friendly and the staff is amazing.