The application process has two parts. You must pass the first part to be eligible to move on to the second part. If you do not pass both part one and part two you will not qualify to live in Safe Harbor.


Requires a $100.00 nonrefundable application fee.
Must be paid with money order only.

The paper application will include questions in regard to monthly income, criminal history, financial history, and eviction history, as well as consultation with office staff to ensure all information is complete and accurate. Determination will be made at that time based on information provided by the applicant and the provided documents as to whether or not the applicant qualifies to proceed to part 2.

*Any potentially negative information not disclosed at this time is an automatic disqualification.

Documents you MUST bring with you for PART 1:
*Failure to provide any of these documents at the time of application will immediately stop the application process.

  • State driver’s license or other U.S. government issued photo ID
  • Social security card
  • Income records for most recent three (3) months showing gross income (before taxes) is at least three (3) times the monthly rent
  • Active email account address


Requires a $30.00 nonrefundable application fee.
Must be paid with money order only.

A credit check and background check will be performed. The background check will include verification of social security number, citizenship status, employment, income, rental history, eviction history, and nationwide criminal history to include arrests, convictions, registered sex offender, and terrorist watch list. 

*Any potentially negative information not disclosed in part 1 and revealed during part 2 is an automatic disqualification no matter the circumstances. 

All occupants ages 18 and older are also required to undergo a nationwide criminal history background check to include arrests, convictions, registered sex offender, and terrorist watch list. 

Applicants and potential occupants must also have a local background check at the Bayou La Batre Police Department. The cost is $15.00.

Please call 251-824-2757 for more information and methods of payment.


If approved, be prepared to pay the security deposit immediately (equal to one month’s rent). This will reserve the house for you until the house is in move-in condition. Must be paid with money order only.

If the house is move-in ready, you will need to be prepared to immediately transfer utilities into your name. A form will be provided by Safe Harbor. You will take this form to each of the following organizations at the time of the utility transfer. You are responsible for paying all costs associated with the transfer of the utilities:

Transfer utilities immediately:

  • Bayou La Batre Utility Board: $180.00
  • City of Bayou La Batre (Garbage Can Deposit): $72.00
  • Alabama Power (Amount unknown – It is your responsibility to contact Alabama Power for cost information.)

Once utilities are transferred, return to the Safe Harbor office with the signed form and proof of payment. You will then sign your seven (7) month lease and immediately pay your pro-rated rent (to be calculated at the time of rental). At this point, you may pay with check, money order, cashiers check, debit card, or credit card. No cash is ever accepted.

Once this process is completed, you will be handed a copy of your new lease along with the keys to your rental unit. 

To find out if we have any current vacancies, please call 251-824-1814.